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Holly Howard is uniquely placed as an experienced personal trainer accredited with her Masters in Nutrition. Her experience in both ensures her sessions are intelligent and effective. Holly encourages the pursuit of self-improvement and positivity, not perfection. She is an upbeat trainer with an uncanny ability to know exactly how far she can push you. Holly will guide you gently towards a strong physique whilst teaching you to listen to your body's individual needs. 

Holly has recently returned home to New Zealand with her young family, after living in the UK for 15 years. During this time she worked at London’s leading health clubs, hosted health and fitness retreats and established a successful private client base. Holly has helped her high profile clientele achieve amazing results with targeted body compositional change, pre and postnatal support, mobility with mature clients, effective rehab following physio and doctor referral and training for specific sporting challenges. 

She brings her current knowledge, fresh ideas and motivation from the UK and is excited to offer her skills and experience to Central Otago. The world of fitness has evolved in the last few years, thankfully, as a fitness expert and a Mum, Holly has had the opportunity to change along with it. 


  • Bachelor of Sport and Recreation

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition for Health Care Practitioners

  • Masters in Nutrition


  • Holly has contributed her fitness and nutrition knowledge to the British media including Vogue, Grazia, Harper's Bazaar, Forbes, Men’s Health and the book ‘Sweet Nothings’, published by Orion

  • Voted ‘One of London’s top three personal trainers’ by ES, the Evening Standard magazine

  • Psychologies Magazine

If she challenges clients in the British fashion, media and arts world, then she can do the same for you! Workout intelligently with a winning combination of effectiveness and enjoyment. 


Holly has developed a unique style of training based on:

  • Posture and abdominal breathing

  • A focus on form and alignment, stability and mobility. 

  • Mindful exercise and muscle engagement. 

  • A combination of isolation and compound everyday functional movements. 

  • Specific exercise sequencing.

Holly uses different tools such as body weight exercises, pilates movements, foam rollers and free weights.  All easy to train with from home. 


Holly will determine your capabilities and limits, but also what’s right or wrong for your body which is always adapting:

  • Highly personal, individual and specific exercises designed for you. 

  • Workout intelligently- smarter not harder. 

  • Outstanding personal training in the privacy of your home, allowing freedom from the usual gym stigmas. 



Compositional change is more than just eating more or less. The right changes to your lifestyle and diet help regulate your hormones, correct digestive issues, optimise weight loss, instil positive habits that make you feel great, sleep better and manage your stress. Food energetics is as equally important as the correct movement. 


Holly offers nutritional consultations in-person or video call. A nutritional consultation can be booked as a individual service or in combination with personal training. 

An in-depth initial consultation will establish your current eating and lifestyle patterns. Any concerns will be addressed and we will explore your relationship with food to develop personalised recommendations. A follow up consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss the successes and challenges of the previous weeks, and make any necessary adjustments to maintain progress. 



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